6 Ways to Make Your HVAC System Beautiful


6 Ways to Make Your HVAC System Beautiful If you live in a downtown loft, you’re probably a fan of

6 Ways to Make Your HVAC System Beautiful

HVAC System BeautifulIf you live in a downtown loft, you’re probably a fan of exposed ductwork. It’s all part of the charm of having transformed a historic, brick factory space into a hotspot of interior design!

But most of us like our HVAC systems to stay quietly in the background. Here’s some of our favorite ways clients have hidden or incorporated vents and ductwork into their room design:

Distractions. Try placing a chair, a large plant, a folding fabric or wood screen, or a piece of art in front of a wall vent. Just make sure the object is several feet out from the actual vent, so air can move around and below.

Cabinet. A cabinet with built-in slots allows air flow while fitting the rest of your room’s design – and can provide extra storage space or shelving.

Lace curtains. Light material with plenty of holes can be draped over HVAC elements, adding color and texture to a room’s décor without blocking air flow.

Artwork. Some of our clients bring a true artist’s touch to their vents, using fabrics, paper, and even paint to decorate equipment until it matches or complements a room’s design.

Wrought-iron covers. We’ve seen wall vents with very classy wrought iron mounted over them.

Build it in. If you’re starting from scratch, an architect can design a room to hide HVAC elements behind molding, built-in frames and screens, and more.

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