What to Look For In an HVAC Warranty and Maintenance Plans


HVAC Warranty and Maintenance Plans Having a good HVAC system is both mandatory and, we know, a major investment. But

HVAC Warranty and Maintenance Plans

hvac warranty and maintenance plansHaving a good HVAC system is both mandatory and, we know, a major investment. But even the best equipment installed by the most highly skilled technicians will eventually wear out. How can you protect both your HVAC and your wallet as the years go by? One of the best decisions you can make when installing a system is to choose one with strong HVAC warranty and maintenance plan.

What to look for in warranties

  • First, make sure you have a manufacturer’s warranty guaranteeing the quality of the product. Read all the clauses so you know how long it will last and what exactly is covered (and not covered!)
  • Limited or short warranties mean the manufacturer doesn’t stand behind its own product. Not a good sign, when you’ll be relying on the system for the next 20 or 30 years
  • Second, always get an installation warranty. This should cover any damages to the product when it’s being installed, and ideally any later problems that develop as a result of installation issues
  • A strong installation warranty will cover both labor and parts

What to look for in maintenance services

  • One reason repairs are so expensive today is because modern HVAC systems are far more complicated than those of 20 or more years ago. Only qualified specialists with professional certification should conduct repairs to avoid further damage or missing additional problems
  • Choosing a regular maintenance service helps in two ways. Like any other insurance, it helps prevent major surprise expenses down the line. And if something does go wrong, a good service plan will have built the repair costs into your annual fee

Again, no surprises.

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