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3 Common Signs of Duct Leakage


Home Duct Maintenance & Cleaning How well have you maintained your furnace this year? Your heater will be on more

Home Duct Maintenance & Cleaning

duct maintenanceHow well have you maintained your furnace this year? Your heater will be on more consistently during these colder months, and you’ll notice how well your system provides in-home comfort.

If you feel that your furnace isn’t doing the best it can to warm up your home, one of the first items you need to check is your ductwork. Constant heating and cooling causes ductwork to expand and contract, which causes joints to open and seals to break. The following are signs that indicate your ductwork is leaking and not being as efficient as it can be to heat your home.

1. Comfort Difference  

If you are noticing uneven temperature distribution in many of the rooms of your place, it is likely that your ductwork is unsealed and that you are paying above average utility bills. Seeing how cool the rooms in your home get is the easiest way to tell if your ducts are leaking without having to physically check the system.

2. Backdrafting

Appliances such as gas furnaces, clothes dryers and water heaters create fumes that are dangerous to your health, which is why they are purposely directed outside. Leaky ductwork will pull these fumes from appliances back into your home and greatly reduce your indoor air quality.

3. Appearance of Dust

Collapsed, broken and leaky ductwork will pick up tiny particles of dirt from where the system is located. This debris will then get blown out of vents and distributed around your house. If you notice more dust your home, it probably isn’t just your imagination! You may want to have a professional like Ed’s Heating Cooling Plumbing Electric come take a look at your ductwork!

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