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Quick Tips to Avoid Spring Allergies


Avoiding Spring Allergies Are you one who experiences seasonal allergies during the spring? Being outdoors is likely to affect your

Avoiding Spring Allergies

spring allergiesAre you one who experiences seasonal allergies during the spring? Being outdoors is likely to affect your immune system during this time of year, but being indoors can just as easily affect your health.

The reason you may be experiencing ongoing respiratory problems is because you are breathing in unclean air from inside. Schedule an appointment for us to clean your air ducts and clear out your ventilation system for breathe-easy air. The following is a list of additional ways you can improve the air quality inside your home.

1. Block Outdoor Contaminants

If you want to continually keep dirt out of your indoor air, make sure you have a high-grade air filter for your ventilation system. Also, make sure your ventilation system is placed strategically throughout the rooms of your home; away from garages and other spaces that bring in undesirable air contaminants from the outside.

As the weather warms up, we suggest you use fans in any room possible to help circulate clean air inside. Using fans as an alternate source for to move air will ultimately keep your ventilation system cleaner because you won’t use your air conditioning as frequently to cool off  your home.

2. Keep the Burning to a Minimum

Exposing yourself to harmful chemicals can be avoided if you minimize how often you use combustion appliances. Any appliance that you are able to burn for heat sources, cooking, or decorative purposes fall under the “combustion appliance” category. Improperly vented appliances have the potential to add moisture to the air. This will cause unwanted organic growth that will cause damage to your home. Only use combustion appliances when necessary, and you will improve your air quality.

3. Let the Outdoor Air Inside

If you know that the air quality outside is good, make sure you are regularly allowing that air to flow inside by opening windows. When you decide to spruce up your living space with cleaning products, it is also important to open windows to let fresh air in and to get rid of the chemicals that these products put into the air.

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