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Regulating Temperature on Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Temperature Tips Thanksgiving is a day where we all have a chance to sit down and think about what

Thanksgiving Temperature Tips

Thanksgiving HVAC tipsThanksgiving is a day where we all have a chance to sit down and think about what we are grateful for in our lives. On this wonderful day, we get to gather with family and friends, watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, enjoy some football, and eat a colossal amount of delicious food.

If you are hosting Thanksgiving Day this year, we have some tips for you on how to keep your home at a comfortable temperature for all of your guests:

Set your home thermostat a little colder than you normally would for fall

You might be wondering why we would suggest doing this on a cold day. In response, we want to remind you a key component to this holiday: body heat. The more guests you have in the close quarters of your home for an extended period of time, the hotter the room is going to get with or without your heater. Balancing this out by lowering the thermostat will make guests feel more comfortable and ultimately, happier.

Keep in mind that the kitchen is going to be much warmer than normal

Kitchens warm up when the stove is on and in use, which it surely will be on Thanksgiving Day. It takes a minimum of three hours to cook a turkey, and that is just one of the main courses of this holiday feast. The longer that your kitchen appliances are being used, the hotter it will get in this room. We suggest that you regulate the temperature by opening kitchen windows and doors to the other rooms in the house. The more comfortable the kitchen is, the better you will feel cooking there.

If possible, install exhaust fans to improve ventilation

With all of the body heat and heat from the kitchen, there is definitely going to be moisture in the house. Between sweaty Uncle Al, boiling potatoes and cork, and everyone breathing, it is bound to get a little humid. An exhaust fan does the opposite of what a traditional fan would do. Rather than blowing air around and out of the room, it draws air and moisture inward. This helps to prevent humidity from taking over your house and making your guests uncomfortable.

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