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There are many things homeowners don’t know about owning a home and a majority of the time sump pumps are one of those things. Sump pumps are usually installed underneath the floor of basements and crawl spaces so they are closest to the ground so they can collect ground water that collects underneath the home. This is essential when you have long periods of rain in a day or many days of rain, or even a lot of melting snow. Ground water can easily rise through the cracks in the foundation in your home during long periods of rain and cause water damage. The sump pump collects that water before it can damage your home and redirects it away from your home! 

Not every home needs one but if you have a basement/ crawl space that experiences wetness and moisture you should consider having a sump pump installed. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, more than 60% of homes do experience ground wetness and moisture and should consider installing a sump pump! 

What is a Sump Pump & How Does It Work?

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A sump pump is a small pump that is installed in the lowest part of a basement or crawl space that collects ground water and then redirects the water to outside so it won’t gather underneath the house or in a place that is dangerous and will cause water damage. It is essentially an extra security measure you can take to protect your home from flooding and water damage. A sump pump is placed in a hole drilled in to the ground of your house that is then connected to the sump pumps outlet port with a drain line. The sump pump acts as a literal pump that collects rain/melting snow water draining in to the area that the sump pump is and when full takes the water out of the area and pumps it outside.

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Why Do Sump Pumps Fail

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There are a few reasons that sump pumps fail including; the power going out, the motor over-heating, the switch gets stuck, flooding, and pieces breaking in general.

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Sump Pump Installation

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Sump pump installations often take specialized equipment and experience to install a complete sump pump system. Although it is recommended that you hire a professional plumber to install a sump pump, there are steps you can follow to install your own.

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Do You Need a Sump Pump?

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Not every home needs a sump pump, but if you have a basement or crawl space that experiences wetness and moisture you should consider having one.

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Sump Pump Battery Backup

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Sump pump battery backups are used to supplement primary sump pumps. Sump pumps can fail when there are power outages, mechanical failure or excessive/ over use. With a sump pump battery backup, you can get a few hours of protection from water damage when your primary sump pump fails.

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